About Me....

Hello! I'm Jay, I'm a digital artist based in the U.S. I travel a small but growing convention circuit and sell prints, charms, enamels, stickers and more!

My goals are to become a fulltime convention artist as well as hosting my own store, managing others, and fulfilling my Patreon! 

I'm most active on twitter, Patreon, and here when it comes to updating and posting my art! I have several projects I've participated in or hosted which can be found under Illustration>Projects! 

Commissions are only open on a special case basis and will be announced through twitter or email when slots become available!

I also run and manage print shops including jobs like getting the materials printed, packed, and shipped for you! If you're interested in contacting me shoot me and email and further details can be discussed including whether or not I have time to take on another shop!





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