Commission Prices

Commission Status: CLOSED


Bust - $20

Halfbody - $25

Fullbody - $30

Sketch price is for a black and white sketch with a dash of color (shown example 1) if applicable to character. Colored sketches (shown example 3) are an additional $5

Additional characters are base price x [number of characters]. Large groups may have additional fees. 


Bust - $40

Halfbody - $50

Fullbody - $65

Flat commissions are as the name says, flat. There will usually be some minor gradients especially on skin but is a more stylized way of coloring and drawing. 

Additional characters are base price x [number of characters]. Large groups may have additional fees. 


Bust - $45+

Halfbody - $75+

Fullbody - $100+

Painted commissions differ slightly based on which coloring style looks best for the character I'm drawing. Painted images are fullcolored and shaded. Prices may rise depending on the complexity of the character but the base price is shown above.

Additional characters are base price x [number of characters]. Large groups may have additional fees. 


Starting at $115+ for single character with simple background

Starting at $150+ for single character with intermediate background

Starting at $175+ for single character with complex background

Illustration commissions are priced by a piece by piece basis. Pricing will rise based on how much of your character you want in the piece, how complex the background is, and how complex the character/scene are. For painted commissions please send a form with your inquiry and you'll be sent an estimate.

Additional characters are based on the amount of the character in the picture, for a better estimate of pricing for your additional character take a look at the painted base prices


Other commissions include:

  • Reference sheets - Prices for reference sheets depend on what quality you want them drawn in (sketch, lined, etc), how many views of the character you want, and if you want detail shots. When sending an inquiry please specify these things and I'll give you a quote.

  • Stickers - Commissions for custom stickers are available. Stickers start at $35 + shipping and includes a chibi drawing of your oc that's then printed as die cut stickers and mailed to you! You get 1 sheet worth of stickers at whatever size you'd like 

  • Commercial Pricing - If you'd like your commission for a commercial use pricing will be increased, prices can be discussed through email

I also provide sticker manufacturing! If you'd like to get your own art printed on stickers for you to sell check out this page!

Terms of Service

By ordering a commission you agree to the following: 

  • Payment is through paypal invoices only! Payment is sent before the commission is started.

  • Commissions are for personal use only unless discussed otherwise

  • Commissioner will get a full-sized version of their file.

  • Deadlines should be discussed before the commission is accepted and payment is sent

  • If a refund is needed but the work is started the amount of work already completed will be subtracted from the refund amount.

  • When the art is completed you have 2 free revisions before additional charges are added (*note: revisions are only allowed up to a week after the artwork is sent to you, any later and it's considered completed)

  • You may post the art to any of you social pages only WITH credit. If it's not credited I will ask for it to be taken down or credit added.

  • Commissioner can print their commission for personal use but reselling of the digital good or printing physical copies to resell is strictly prohibited. Commercial commissions exempted after contract and discussion. 

  • If you have very specific needs for the commission and would like updates at each step please let me know beforehand.

  • I have the right to deny any commission that makes me uncomfortable


  • Nsfw commissions available but I withhold the right to deny anything that makes me uncomfortable. 

  • Will not draw mechs but heavy armor may pass depending on whether or not I feel I can draw it to the level I want to present to you

  • Most humanoids and humanoid monsters accepted. If I don't think I can properly draw a creature I will let you know.

Commission Form

To inquire about a commission please fill out this form!